Why not we sinking inside the earth?

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Why not we sinking inside the earth?

According to Newton’s gravitation law earth is always attracting us. As we know we are on the earth surface only due to this force but why not we digging inside the earth? If earth is continuously attracting our body then definitely we should pull down towards the center of the earth but we are stable on the earth surface.

So definitely there should be some another kind of force or interaction. Yes there are some another kind of interaction which prevent us digging inside the earth and this force of interaction is the reaction force of our body but reaction force is not fundamental because there are only four fundamental forces in nature:

  • Gravitational force
  • Electromagnetic force
  • Strong nuclear force
  • Weak nuclear force

This reaction force is electromagnetic in nature. Because electromagnetic  force is attractive as well as repulsive. So electromagnetic force is responsible for life and all the activities on the earth.

Mountains, river, structure, buildings, shape of human body, formation of tissues, complex molecules, all are the outcomes of the electromagnetic force that’s why this electromagnetic force is so important to us that all invention related to us belongs to electricity and magnetism.

We can say we all are electromagnetic machine we can survive without  gravitational force in spacecraft but no molecule can form without electromagnetic force. no molecules means no complex, molecule, no complex molecule means no cell, no DNA, no tissues and no life.


DNA Molecule




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