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Water, Hydrogen and Oxygen

Reason we can’t make water with Hydrogen and Oxygen

Water is composed of two hydrogen atoms connected to an oxygen atom. It seems like very basic chemistry, so why do not we break them together and solve the water of the world? Theoretically, this is possible, but it will also be an extremely dangerous process.

water hydrogen and oxygen

To make water, oxygen and hydrogen atoms should be present. Combining them together does not help; You still survive with different hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The orbits of the electrons of each atom have to be added, and to do this, we need a sudden burst of energy to hook up these embarrassing things.

Since hydrogen is highly inflammable and oxygen supports combustion, therefore this force will not take much time to form. Too much we all need a spark – not even a flame – and bounce! We’ve got water. The orbits of the electrons of hydrogen and oxygen atoms are mixed.

Reason we can’t make water with Hydrogen and Oxygen

But we also have a blast and – if our experiment was huge, then a fatal one. He was flooded to keep Hydron-filled blimp filled with hydrogen. As it went to New Jersey to land after a trans-Atlantic trip on May 6, 1937, static electricity (or an act of subversion according to some) made hydrogen a cause for spark. When the air is mixed with ambient oxygen, hydrogen explodes, Covering Hindenburg in a ball of fire, which completely destroyed the ship within half an hour.

However, this explosion caused a lot of water to be made.

Please note that this is a radox reaction. In this process, oxygen is reduced and hydrogen is oxidized. Or you can say it in simple words as the burning of hydrogen, so that to start the reaction, you have to mix hydrogen and oxygen in proportion to 2: 1 (by volume) and it will ignite the rest of the process is an exothermic process. And water is formed.

To maintain the global population, sufficient drinking water will need a very dangerous and incredibly large scale process. Even so, a century ago thought of an internal combustion engine – with its controlled repeated blasts – seemed dangerously crazy. And as soon as the water becomes scarce, the process of mixing hydrogen atoms into oxygen atoms can be more attractive than the present. The requirement, ultimately, is the mother of invention.

But there are safe ways to make water from thin air, and the projects are just going to start already. Read the next page to learn about some mad scientists, who can solve the world’s impending water crisis.

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