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Top Physics Research Institutes of India

Written by: Prashant Kumar Sinha

ARIES | Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital: Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Atmospheric Physics.
Bose Institute | Bose Institute, Kolkata: Atmospheric sciences, Biophysics, Complex systems and networks, Condensed matter physics and materials science, High energy physics and astroparticle physics, Quantum physics and quantum information, Nuclear, and radiation physics
HBNI | Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai
HRI | Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad: Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics
ICTS | International center for theoretical sciences (TIFR), Bangalore: Astrophysical Relativity, Data Assimilation, and Dynamical Systems, Statistical Physics and Turbulence, and String theory and Quantum Gravity.
IGCAR | Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam: Solid State Phase transformations, Superconductivity, Structure, and dynamics of soft condensed matter, Band structure studies, Accelerators based Irradiation induced phenomena, Low-dimensional systems, Physics of interfaces, Nano-materials, Thin films technology, and Theoretical physics
IIA | Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Astronomical Instrumentation, Optics, and Atomic Physics.
IISc | Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore: Condensed Matter Physics (Experiments and Theory), Astronomy and Astrophysics (Theoretical), Atomic and Optical Physics (Experimental), Biocrystallography and Bio-informatics, and High Energy Physics (Theoretical).
IISER BHOPAL | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal: Condensed Matter Physics (Theory and Experiment), Soft Matter Physics (Theory), Biophysics, Laser Plasma Interactions, Ultrafast Physics (Experiment),
Astrophysics and Cosmology, High Energy Physics (Theory, Phenomenology and Experiment), Non-linear Optics
IISER BERHAMPUR | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Berhampur: Condensed matter physics (Theory and Experiment),  Electronic Materials & Devices, High energy physics (Theory, Phenomenology, Experiment), Nuclear Structure, Photonics, Quantum Theory, Quantum Information.
IISER KOLKATA | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata: Condensed Matter Physics, Field Theory, Classical & Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, Solar Science, High Energy Physics, Non-linear dynamics, Statistical Physics, Soft Matter, Optics & Spectroscopy, Atomic physics, Biophotonics, Spintronics, Nanoscience, NMR, Quantum Information
IISER MOHALI | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali: Quantum Theory, Quantum Information Processing, NMR-Methodology, Optics, Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Thermodynamics, Non-linear Dynamics, String Theory, Ultrafast Physics, and Low-Temperature Mesoscopic Physics.
IISER PUNE | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune: Field Theory, Theoretical Particle Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Non-linear Dynamics, Complex Systems and Networks, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Quantum Information Processing, Radio Astrophysics, Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics, Energy Studies, Solar and Plasma Physics, Nanosciences, Scanning Probe Techniques, and Semiconductor Physics and Devices.
IISER THIRUVANANTHAPURAM | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram: Experimental: Magnetism, Superconductivity, Nanoscience, Photonics, Semiconductor physics, Surface sciences, Nanoscale plasmonics, Ultrafast spectroscopy, Nonlinear Optics. Theory: Cosmology, Quantum information, Statistical physics, Condensed matter, String theory & Nonlinear dynamics.
IISER TIRUPATHI | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Tirupathi: Theoretical Astrophysics, Observational Astronomy, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Soft Matter Physics, Nonlinear Physics, Experimental High Energy Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics
IIST | Indian Institute of Space Science  and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Atmospheric Sciences, Applied and Adaptive Optics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Nanotechnology, Nonlinear Dynamics, Photonics, Quantum Information and Statistical Physics
IMSc | The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai: Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Computer Science, and Computational Biology
IOP | Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar: Physics (Condensed Matter, Nuclear and High Energy Physics) and Accelerator-based Research.
IPR | Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar: Physics (Experimental and Theoretical).
IUCAA | Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune: Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics.
JNCASR | Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore: Experimental and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Mechanics, and Materials Science.
NBRC | National Brain Research Centre, Manesar:Molecular, Computaional and Systems Neuroscience. Sensory & motor systems, learning & memory, language & speech processing, functional neuroimaging: EEG, MEG, fMRI, MRS, stem cells, developmental neurobiology, neurogenetics, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders, cancer signaling & glial tumor biology.
NCRA-TIFR | National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, TIFR, Pune: Astronomy and Astrophysics.
NISER | National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar: Theoretical High Energy Physics and Lattice QCD, Experimental High Energy Physics, Condensed Matter Physics (Theory and Experiment), Optics and Metamaterials.
PRL | Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad: Theoretical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics, Space and Atmospheric Sciences, Planetary Science and Geo-Sciences.
RRCAT | Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore: Lasers and their Applications, Laser Plasma Interaction, Cold Atom Physics, Condensed Matter Physics (Superconductivity and Magnetism, Crystals and Thin Films), Nanomaterials and Applications, Non-linear and Ultrafast Optical Studies, Beam Physics, and Free Electron Laser.
RRI | Raman Research Institute, Bangalore: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Light and Matter Physics, Soft Condensed Matter Physics (Liquid Crystals, Physics in Biology), and Theoretical Physics.
SINP | Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata: Condensed Matter Physics (Theory and Experiments), Nuclear Physics (Theory and Experiments), High Energy Physics (Theory and Experiments), Astroparticle Physics, Quantum Gravity, String Theory, Mathematical Physics, and Materials Science (Surface Science and Plasma Physics).
SNBNCBS | Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata: Astrophysics and Cosmology, Chemical and Biological Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science, High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory, Mathematical Physics, Nanosciences, Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Statistical Physics, and Complex Systems.
TIFR-TCIS | TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Hyderabad: Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science of Nonequilibrium, Soft & Living matter, Fluid Dynamics, Intense Laser-matter interactions, Computational Physics, Statistical physics, NMR of Biophysical & other systems
TIFR | Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science, High Energy Physics, Nuclear and Atomic Physics, Theoretical Physics
UGC-DAE CSR | UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore: Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films and Nanomaterials, Physics at Low Temperatures and High Magnetic Fields, X-ray, Optical and Electron Spectroscopic Studies Using Synchrotron and Laboratory Sources; Electrical, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Condensed Matter; Condensed Matter studies using Magnetic Neutron Diffraction, Nuclear Technique Based Condensed Matter Physics-Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy, Mossbauer Spectroscopy, Experimental Nuclear Physics, Gamma Ray Spectroscopy of Nuclear High Spin States, and Nuclear Reactions.
VECC | Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata: Accelerator Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science, Nuclear Physics (Experiments and Theory), Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions (Experiments, Theory, QCD and QGP), and Physics of Neutrinos (Experiments).
IISc | The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is a publicdeemedresearch university for higher education and research in science, engineering, design, and management.
TIFR | Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
basic research in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, and science education. Our main campus is located in Mumbai, with centers at Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.
IIT Bombay | Indian Institute of Technology High Energy Theory, High Energy Experiments, Condensed Matter Theory
Condensed Matter Experiments, Soft Matter, Biophysics and Nonlinear Dynamics
Optics and Photonics, Astronomy, Cosmology, and Gravity
Physics Department
IIT Madras | Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Physics Department
Gravitation Cosmology, Theoretical High Energy Physics, Low Dimensional Materials, Dielectric Materials & Microwave Physics, Nano Materials, Low-Temperature Physics, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Magnetism & Magnetic Materials, Soft, Condensed Matter & Biological Physics, Spin Liquids & Topological Insulators, Theoretical Condensed Matter & Many-Body Physics, Molecular Electronic & Instr., Expt. High Energy Physics, Photovoltaics, Alternative Energy & Nano-technology, Multi-Functional Materials, Thin Films, Nuclear & High Energy Physics, Measurement Tech., Optics & Photonics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Ultra-Fast Dynamics, N-V Centres in Diamond & Diamond Electronics, Quantum Information, Quantum Field Theory, Device Physics, Dynamical Systems, Quantum & Dynamics Statistical Physics
IACS | Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science: School of Physical Sciences The school of Physical Sciences hosts research on several topics of experimental and theoretical physics. A summary of these are listed below: 
Charge carrier dynamics in glasses, polymers and oxide ion conductors has been correlated with microscopic lengths of dynamics and network structure.
Organic electronics, Solar cells based on hybrid perovskites and inorganic semiconductors, Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of 2D transition metal dichalogenides and their heterostructures, topological insulators, spintronics.
Magnetic, electric transport, dielectric, and structural properties of materials focusing various functional properties of magnetism such as multiferroics, magnetocaloric effect, exchange bias effect.
Doping mechanism and electrical transport, photoluminescence, and photoconductivity properties of metal oxide-based thin films, nanostructures, and  nanocomposites for applications in transparent conducting oxides, luminescent devices, resistive switching, and photodetectors.
Magneto-structural instability in transition metal based solids including ferromagnetic shape memory alloys and multiferroic oxides. Ground state magnetic properties of transition metal oxides with novel low dimensional crystal structure and geometrically frustrated systems.
Quantum materials for applications, Magentism and spintronics, Multiferroics& Ferroelectrics, Epitaxial growth of thin films/heterostructures, Device physics of multifunctional materials, Interface and Surface science.
Non-Equilibrium dynamics, Quantum spin systems, Topological materials, Electronic structure of novel materials, Magnetic systems, Superconductors,  Ultracold atoms.

Dark Matter, Neutrino Physics, Physics beyond the standard model, Supersymmetry,  Higgs phenomenology, Collider Physics, Flavor Physics, Lattice QCD.

String Theory, Gauge-gravity duality, Extra-dimensional theories, Supergravity, Braneworld Phenomenology, Cosmology and Blackholes.
IIT Guwahati | Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati: Physics Department  The major research areas in the department are Condensed Matter Physics (Theory and Experiment), Lasers and Photonics, Theoretical Physics, High Energy Physics and Astrophysics.
IIT Kanpur | Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur: Physics Department Complex Systems, High Energy Physics Theory, Condensed Matter Experiment, Condensed Matter Theory, Ion Beam, Plasma & Nuclear Solid State, Laser, Photonics & Quantum Optics
IIT Kharagpur | Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur: Physics Department Established in 1951, the department has a long-standing history of excellence in teaching and research. The department currently offers various academic programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The academic programs include the five-year integrated M. Sc. through IIT-JEE, the integrated M.Sc – Ph.D., M. Tech. (Solid State Tech.), Ph. D. and a minor in Physics for students majoring in other subjects. In addition, the department offers basic and topical courses for the entire student community of IIT Kharagpur. With more than 30 faculty members, several post-doctoral researchers, and around 100 research scholars, the department has a very vibrant research environment. The areas of research interests and expertise spans a wide range including Astrophysics and Cosmology, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Non-linear Dynamics and Hydrodynamics, Nuclear and High-energy Physics, Optics and Photonics, Statistical Physics, etc. covering both theoretical and experimental aspects. The faculty members of the department are also involved in several sponsored research and industrial consultancy projects. Browse our website to know more about various academic programs, the research interests of the individual faculty members, and the ongoing research projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Areas of Research:
3D printing of energy devices, AdS/CFT duality, Airy pulse dynamics, Applied Superconductivity, Astroparticle Physics, Astrophysics, Astrophysics: Atomic data, Beyond Standard Model Physics, Biomedical devices, Flexible electronics, Biophysics, Computational Physics, Correlation Optics, Cosmology, Density Functional Theory for Solids, Disordered Superconductors, Electronic & magnetic materials, Electron transport, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Energy materials, Experimental Bio-Photonics, Imaging, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Fiber & Integrated Optics, Photonics, Flexible healthcare devices, Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, Functional materials, Gamma-ray spectroscopy, Gas Sensors and catalysis, General Relativity and Modified Gravity, Glass Photonics, GMR & Magneto-electric & Magneto-caloric Materials, Graphene Optics, Gravity, Hiearchical Nanostructures for Devices, High Energy Physics, High performance computing, Hydrodynamic Instabilities, Integrable Models, Interfacial Waves, Laser Physics, Light-matter interaction, Light matter interaction: Atomic clock, Local Magnetism, Low-Reynolds number Hydrodynamics, Low temperature physics, Magnetic Vortices and Skyrmions, Magnetism and Spintronics, Magnetoconvection, Magnetohydrodynamics, Mathematical Physics, Microresonators, Microrheology, Multifunctional ceramics, Nanoscale optoelectronics, Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Nonlinear Cavity Dynamics, CavitySoliton, Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Optics, Nonlinear Photonics, Nuclear detectors, Nuclear Structure, Optical Fiber Sensors and Devices, Optofluidics, Organic Electronic Devices, Organic Electronics, Organic thin film growth, Particle Physics, Photonic Crystals, Physical and Earth Sciences, Physics education, Physics of extra dimensions, Physics of Topological Materials, Physics of ultra cold atom, Plasmonic Directional Coupler Devices, Protein folding, Quantum/classical turbulence, Quantum entanglement in QFTs, Quantum field theory, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum phase transitions & criticality, Quantum spin systems, Raman Scattering, Random Lasers, Relativistic hydrodynamics, Relativistic many-electron theory, Semicondutor Thin Films, Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy, Singular Optics, Soft Matter Physics, Solar Photovoltaics, Spintronic nanomaterials and devices, Statistical Physics, Statistical Studies of Complex Systems, String Theory, Supercapacitors, Swift heavy ion-matter interaction, System Dependent Random matrix theory, Theoretical High Energy Physics, The problem of Quantization of gravity, Thin Film Heterostructure, Turbulence, Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy, Unconventional Superconductors, Waveguide Array, Waves in Geophysics and Oceanography,
Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), India
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), India
University of Hyderabad (UoH), India
India Department of Space (DOS), India
University of Delhi (DU), India
Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), India
Jadavpur University (JU), India
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee), India
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), India
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER TVM), India
India Ministry of Science and Technology, India
Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IIT Indore), India
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IIT Gandhinagar), India
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India
Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS Pilani), India
India Ministry of Earth Science (MoES), India
S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS), India
Tezpur University, India
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (IIEST Shibpur), India
Shiv Nadar University (SNU), India
Visva-Bharati University, India
University of Calcutta (CU), India
National Institute of Technology Rourkela (NITR), India
Siksha O Anusandhan University (SOA), India
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar), India
Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST), India
Centre of Biomedical Research (CBMR), India
Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), India
Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, India
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India
Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), India
Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), India
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH), India
Ajmal College of Arts and Science, India
Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IIT Patna), India
Gauhati University, India
North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU), India
Banaras Hindu University (BHU), India
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IIT Jodhpur), India
Bose Institute, India
University of Burdwan, India
UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, India
Panjab University (PU), India
Amity University, India
Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), India
Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), India
Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, India
National Defence Academy (NDA), India
Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), India
University of North Bengal (NBU), India
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (MNIT Jaipur), India
Pondicherry University, India
Piramal Enterprises Limited, India
Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), India
India Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, India
Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU), India
Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati (IIT Tirupati), India
Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai, India
Central University of Rajasthan (CURAJ), India
Government General Degree College, India
National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR), India
Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi (IIT BHU), India
Presidency University, India
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT Mandi), India
Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU), India
Aliah University, India
Bharathidasan University (BDU), India
Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), India
University of Kashmir, India
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar (NITJ), India
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita University), India
SASTRA University, India
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India
Indian Institute of Technology – Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (IIT-ISM), India
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (IIT-BBS), India
Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), India
National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS), India
India Meteorological Department (IMD), India
Mahatma Gandhi University (MG University), India
Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), India
Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), India
Indian Institute of Advanced Research (IIAR), India
University of Madras, India
Vidyasagar University, India
Borehole Geophysics Research Laboratory (BGRL), India
Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women (HMMCW), India
Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU), India
Christ University, India
Kumaun University, India

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