You are currently viewing Science Magazine Scienceteen April-June 2017 Issue

Science Magazine Scienceteen April-June 2017 Issue

science magazine scienceteen

The cover story is on Blackhole which is based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The featured article is about Light pollution. In the technoteens, there is an introductory to make an Android app. Recent research has given some clues about human consciousness that you will find in the article “A clue to consciousness”. In your articles section, you will find many interesting articles: Plasma the 4th state of matter, Evaluating mathematical functions using physical experiments, Evolution of Physics, Hundred years of cosmology, Gravity, Some mathematical facts, and Madam Curie.


Cover story
Black Holes 05
8 Featured article
Light Pollution 08
13 teen Spectrum
Viju & Cheeru 13
Science Quiz 14
15 technoteens
How to make an Android App 15
16 Mystery
A clue to consciousness 20
Living life on a magnet 21
22 Your Articles
Gravity 22

Evaluating mathematical functions using physi-
cal experiments 23

Madam Curie 24
Some mathematical facts 24
Plasma the 4th State of Matter 25
Hundred years of cosmology 27
Evolution of physics 29
30 insight
Ramanujan Shodh Sansthan News 30

31 testimonials
Appreciations and suggestions 31

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  1. Mr scientist

    Your work is very appreciable & if it reaches to the students of all catogories , it can shape & encourage them to be scientific citizens of universe & bring new dimension to approach & to learn science & make them innovative & benefitted in all aspects of learning & exploring science.

    Great !

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