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Science is a game!

Science is a game,
In which you should have an AIM.
You must concentrate,
In order to demonstrate.
If you win the game,
You should remain the same.
If you loose it,
You would never choose.
Science has a history,
Which is still a mystery.
Science is oral,
Which teaches us a MORAL.
SCIENCE is like a pk,
Which increases our G.K .
Science deals with ELECTRICITY,
WHICH INCREASES our curiosity.
Science is all about common sense,
But after thinking a lot we lose our patience.
Science is like a pollution,
Which has no SOLUTION.

Written by:  Nidhi Awasthi, Class : Xth, Fatima Convent School, Ghaziabad

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  1. Meenakshi Sinha

    Nice poem

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