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Mystic Roller- a test for Newton’s laws

Materials required:

A Cylindrical Plastic Jar
Rubber band
A Heavy Nut
Wire steel or copper
A nail to make holes

Fig. 1| Step 1 : Take a plastic can like this and open its lid.
Fig. 2| Step 2 : Make two holes dimetrically opposite with a driller or nail
Fig. 3| Step 3 : Also make two holes in the lid as shown in fig.4
Fig. 4|
Fig. 5| Can and lid after holes were made
Fig. 6| Step 4 : Take some steel or copper wire and a pliar
Fig. 7| Step 5 : Cut four pieces of half inches approx. as shown in fig. 8
Fig. 8|
Fig. 9| Step 6 : Pass the rubber band through one of the holes of the can.
Fig. 10| Step 7 :pull the band inside the can.
Fig. 11| Step 7 : From inside the can pass the other side of the band through the second hole.
Fig. 12| Step 8 : Pull it out with the help of thread or wire and insert the cut wire pieces through the loop ends of the band as shown in fig. 13
Fig. 13|
Fig. 14| Step 9 : Pass a thread through one of the lid hole.
Fig. 15| Step 10 : Pass the other end of the thread through the band loop inside the can
Fig. 16| again pass this through the same hole of the lid.
Fig. 17| Step 11 : Take another thread and do the same thing for the second hole of lid as show in fig. 18.
Fig. 18|
Fig. 19| Step 12 : Pull out the ends of the threads coming out of the lid holes together and as the band comes out of the hole put the wire pieces in the loops.
Fig. 20| Step 13 : Tie the ends of the threads and cut the extra thread as shown in fig. 21.
Fig. 21| Step 14 : Cut the thread ends.
Fig. 22| Step 15 : Now carefully pull the lid and rotate to make a cross mark with the rubber band as shown.
Fig. 23| Step 16 : Take the bolt and tie with a strong thread as shown
Fig. 24| Step 17 : Tell someone to hold the lid and tie the thread at the intersection of the rubber band.
Fig. 25| Step 18 : The thread should hang for 2-3 inches such that the bolt should hang but not touch the curved surface of cylinder.
Fig. 26| Step 19 : Close the lid carefully no need to fuly tighten.

Video|Step 20 : Now we are done, Just roll the can on any plane smooth surface as shown in the video.

Fig. 27| Step 21 : If it doesnot return back try adding heavier weights.
Fig. 28| Step 22 : Try adjusting the length of the thread, the bolt should not touch the cylinder.

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Khushant Kumar Gola

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