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Motivation behind Physics

Whenever I teach physics. I ask to myself. Why I am teaching physics? why should anyone study physics? Is there any motivation behind it? What gives physics to society? How physics is different from other subjects? The first answer comes in my mind is this. It is the purest form of knowledge.

Knowledge means to know something. The best thing for knowing is nature. Physicist always observes nature its cause and effect. For physicist non-living objects are important as much as living things.

In physics, we always trying to find out the reality of the universe and objects. Physics is interesting because it is real and related to the real world.

Physics is related to technology directly. No technological developments could be possible without the use of physics. Electronics, communication, Nuclear technology, aeronautics, marine engineering, mechanical and automobile engineering all are the outcomes and applications of physics.

Modern times everyone generally uses a smartphone and the touch screen of smartphone works on the principle of electrostatics. The photocopying machine or electrostatic machine is also worked on the principle of electrostatics.

The scope of physics is everywhere. From nucleus to galaxies, stars and universe. We can divide the domain of physics into two parts, a macroscopic domain of physics and microscopic domain of physics.

The macroscopic physics means the physics belongs to the bulk state of matter. The motion of cricket ball or motion of football. The principle behind the Aeroplane flying in the sky. The reason behind the heart attack. The sense of temperature, light, magnetism all is linked with the macroscopic domain of physics. Known as Classical Physics.

While the motion of atomic or subatomic particles in molecules and atoms. Characteristics of light, the vibration of molecules, electricity in small electronic circuits, computer or supercomputer circuits all belong to the microscopic domain of physics. Some times known as quantum physics.

You can also read a book written by very famous physicist Michio Kaku:

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