Ancient Astrophysicist in modern India!

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Ancient Astrophysicist in modern India!

It all came like a surprise when we met Mr. Ganga Saran Sewak. He is working on his model of cosmology since 1975. We came to know about him from some sources. He has no formal education in physics and astrophysics. Currently, he is working as a clerk in a gas agency. At Scienceteen we think that everyone should get a platform to show his work. We hope for a better time for his theory and appreciate his hard work, the One thing which everyone must learn from him and request the scientific community to have a look and evaluate his work, provide help and guidance to him for further assistance. The video of the complete interview is available on Youtube and the same you can watch it here also. Please like, share comment subscribe, and support our channel. Thank you.

These are the handwritten articles of his works, which we have got from Mr. Ganga Saran Sewak

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