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Unknown Flying Object

A UFO is technically “unknown flying object”, not more nor less. Any object that flies and can not initially be identified as an aeroplane, helicopter, blimp, balloon, kite or any other object, which normally flies, is a UFO. Many flying objects that are listed as UFOs can be identified later on as an object created on earth, then they can be called “IFO” or the flight object can be identified.

What is a UFO? Let’s Look at the Basics

For many years now, UFOs have been identified as “flying saucers,” or disk-shaped objects. But in reality, any flying object – in any shape – which is on earth, is not naturally identifiable or naturally identified, which is called UFO.

In 1953, the United States Air Force created UFO, according to, a site committed to sharing verifiable and valuable data about the subject of UFOs. It is said that the American Air Force has made the UFO term to keep track of many unknown aeroplanes and missiles being tested by the countries involved in the Cold War. Like national security, any UFOs seen in the sky were logged and reviewed intensively to track all these airborne objects being examined during that time.

Although the term UFOs is created as a subject of national security, this term has also come to refer to the flying objects which may have been created by the supernatural life – many people will soon be able to make UFOs alien spacecraft or foreign life Let’s classify with.

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding UFOs

Many conspiracy theories exist around the topic of UFO, many people believe that the government has long tried to hide the evidence of supernatural life and their flying ships. There have been many speculations around the following reports related to UFOs.

In 1947 Roswell UFO Crash Roswell, a crashed foreign craft report in New Mexico, many realizations of the general public were abandoned that the long-awaited evidence of supernatural intelligence came – but soon the hopes were shattered, about the crashing saucer The earlier statement was changed. Nothing more than an accidental weather balloon. It proved incredible to the public, abandoned many suspects in a government cover, because there were so many witnesses who had seen the accidental UFOs and foreign bodies.

Did President Eisenhower meet with Alien Being?

Did President Eisenhower meet with Alien Being? Rumours and conspiracy theories point to President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954 to go away in a hastily held trip to see an alien craft and its debris. This alleged secret meeting was replaced by the Edwards Air Force Base.

1980-Cache / Landham UFO Encounter Two women and a child faced a craft of unknown origin, and the three suffered not only emotional trauma but also on December 29 in Pine Woods of Texas near Huffman City, serious physical Hurt also. 1980.

1997-The Phoenix Lights Thousands of people saw V-shaped pattern in the sky for about 300 miles from Nevada Line in 1996. Many photos and an abundance of video film make it one of the best-documented cases in UFO history.

Every year, new reports are made about the UFO sightings around the world. For more information on other matters related to supernatural sight, read The Best-Documented UFO Case and looking for answers to your questions about UFOs and Aliens, you must read it.

Blue UFO Attacked Israel Lunar Land Causing It To Be Destroyed, April 2019

I believe that when Israel’s Chandra Lander launched its engines to start its civilization for the Moon’s surface, it was attacked by a foreign craft which made Chandra Lander a bullet with an energy ray The craft which was hijacked was disabled. It was shot by craft in the top screenshot.

If you look closely at the last picture taken by Israel Lander, you will see a reflection of the left and right light shooting. It’s coming from a blue object in the photo. There is a long deep blue craft in the photo which stands straight. It looks like a disc on your side. And it is so bright that due to this the photo shows its right and left light. I believe this craft is responsible for the destruction of Israeli landers. This caused a shot of energy on Chandra Lander, which lenders lose control and crash on the surface of the Moon.

One reason is that humans have not gone back to the moon … the reason is that we were not invited to go back. During the Apollo mission, the aliens explained that astronauts did not want to be on the moon. This object began to land on the surface of the Moon … the aliens saw it and considered it against a threat … trying to come to the house of an uninvited guest. That’s why they destroyed it. They knew that it is unmanned and has only research technology, so they dipped it in the bud before it gets some useful information from which people want to come. They do not want humans there Only crafts that had direct contact with aliens and the agreement made could do such a thing. A simple 30-meter radio telescope can accomplish this kind of work.

If you look at the photo carefully you will see that the blue area of ​​light is a solid object. Look at its increased picture and you can see that there are two thick lines running under it. It shows that this is a solid object.

There is no doubt in my mind that the aliens shot the Israeli spacecraft.
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