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What you need:
Copper wire 27 SWG 1.5 feet length
Neodymium magnets (round) 2-pcs
Battery AA-size 1-pcs
Wire cutter

Fig.1 | Step 1 : Make a wire frame like this considering the size of the battery.
Fig. 2| Step 2 : Take two neodymium magnets like this and allow them them to stick together with their magnetic field of attraction as shown in fig. 3.
Fig. 3 | Step 4 : Now stick this pair of magnets to the base of the battery having a base which is attracted by the magnets.
homopolar motor
Fig. 5| As soon as you will place the the wire frame it will start to rotating as shown in fig. 5. Make proper adjustments so that the wire frame can freely rotate.
Fig. 4| Step 4 : Place the wire frame like this such that the curved portion of the wire gently touches the neodymium magnets and the circuit is completed

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