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I am Rahul Aggrawal. I am a physics teacher, researcher and theoretical physicist. Physics gives me pleasure and teaching physics gives me stable happiness. My physics articles and blogs are available on Just type the Last dream of Einstien on google and it will show you my article.

I am interested in the core field theory and general relativity problems in physics. I studied dark energy problem(accelerating universe problem), singularity problem in general relativity and problems in gauge theory of gravity. I taught myself an electromagnetic gauge theory, Dirac free field theory and Yang-Mills theory. I found difficulty in topological field theory. I have lots of the thing to tell, maybe I will discuss slowly, slowly.

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Why Physics?

Sometimes I ask myself. Why I am in physics? Why I love physics too much? I don’t know the exact answer but I know one thing that something is in my deep connection with this subject. It gives me solution of my all curiosities and leading my consciousness towards truth. Ever human consciousness wants to the ultimate source of reality and I think physics is the path of that source.

I am in physics because I am interested in truth, the reality about life and the universe. I want to know the ultimate source of everything. In my childhood, I was searching that path and later on, I found myself that physics is my path. The path towards truth, My journey towards redemption. 

Himalayas and Me

I was always eager to know about the mysteries of Himalayas. When I was a child, I amazed to know a different kind of mysteries related to Himalayan Saints and incredible life of Himalayas. You can guess my excitement about the Himalayas from this that I run many times from my home in my childhood to reach the Himalayas. Once upon a time when I was 16 years old, I  travelled almost 40 km by foot to reach the Himalayas but in a midway, some person catches me and sent me to home back.

Another incident is related to my PhD, I was selected in IIT Guwahati in PHD and ARIES as a JRF position. My interested topic was available in IIT Guwahati but I was so eager to visit and leaving in the middle Himalayas that I went to ARIES in Nainital. I lived there for some times and I hardly did any research there and just trying to find my own destiny. I was searching truth inside me.

Every day when I was looking sunrise or sunset, I lost into the deep mysteries of the universe and slowly I find out that only physics can give me the answer of my all queries. My work was there to taking astronomical observation and learning to interpret the data with the help of computer programming.

My thinking

But I think daily that in such a calm and beautiful place I should do some philosophy or theoretical physics. I visited most near place by walk. I met with a sadhu who had full of the knowledge of physics and mathematics and almost postgrad-level. We discussed a lot of the things related to Black-Hole.

Later I come back from there when I find myself that my destiny is something else than the Himalayas and it resides in Physics. Today, when I was teaching electrostatics to the students at that time I started discussing the things related to Himalayas and thing, was this: “The mass of Himalayas is so huge almost 10,000 crore Kg but it is not sinking inside the earth. Why?” The answer is electrostatics. The electric force is much stronger than gravitational force and that gives the shape of Himalaya or anything on this earth.

Electromagnetic waves, Tesla and Swami Vivekananda

Once upon a time when I was 15 years old my brother give me a book about Swami Vivekananda. Later on, I become a huge fan of Swami Vivekananda and even some of the peoples call me Swami.

In one of the books of Swami Vivekananda, he was discussing the thing in which he was saying that nature doesn’t need any medium to transfer information and Tesla was present in that lecture. This thing told by Vivekananda before the invention of the radio.

After this lecture, Tesla started to work on propagation of EM waves and he showed to transfer radio waves before the invention of the radio. These things produce an enormous impact on me and I started to think that how Vivekananda knows about radio waves before the invention of the radio. Slowly I find the techniques using by the theoretical physicist in which they guess something on the basis of thought experiment or on the basis of intuition.

In most of the lectures, Vivekananda was talking about the EM waves, some talks related to meditation and etc. These lectures motivate me too much to study physics and one of the main statement by Vivekananda in which he was saying that every thought or aspect of life you should to verify yourself on the basis of your intellect.

I find physics is the subject which gives you the freedom to question each and everything and give a path to find an appropriate answer. 

Einstein Birthday, Stephen Hawking, year 2000 and me

20 years back when I was in 10 standards. I got two books one on the Edison and other on the Albert Einstein. It was coincident that in the same year end of 2000, one scientist come in India from Cambridge and all the newspaper were covered with this information. Stephen Hawking 2nd Einstein. Black-Hole. This news created a great impact on me. One of my friend Tarun told me about the size of the black hole. I was so influenced by Einstien and Hawking and the theory of Black-Hole. I urge to read the Brief History of Time. That time Google was not available so I have to work hard to find out this book, normal bookseller don’t have such kind of book.

I started to search such kind of books. After searching so many libraries I found the book the brief history of time in the Delhi Public Library with the help of a person. When I opened a book in the library I suddenly saw an equation “Rai Chaudhury equation”. I was astonished and thinking is Aggrawal equation possible? I come up with two new name Rai Choudhury and Roger Penrose after my first visit to the library. This story is not short because it changed me a lot so I will add more stuff slowly and slowly. Today I am discussing because today is the birthday of Einstein and death day of Stephen Hawking.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Einstein’s century, Me, Shreya and Ananya, Year 2005

It is on 5 March 2005. I saw a board in the physics department University of Delhi about Einstien’s century of special relativity. The board was about the lecture series on Einstien’s century. Speakers were Prof Ajoy Ghatak, Prof D.S Kulshrestha and many more. But I remembered only two names. Prof Ghatak gives a talk on quantum mechanics and prof Kulshrestha on the theory of everything. the lecture of the theory of everything I found that whatever research I am planning, unification of special relativity and quantum mechanics, it is already done. It is the new field known as quantum field theory. I disappoint little bit but suddenly I found during the lecture that unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics is still unknown.

In the evening me, Shreya and Ananya all threes were together sitting in the park under the tree near to 2588 Hudson lane where Ananya lived. I can not forget this address and name, even today whenever I walk from this path I always stop near to this house. It was the first and last time when we all threes were together. I was telling to Ananya that how I saved money for today breakfast and lunch. (There was a grand lunch during lecture series.) Shreya was scolding to me but I and Ananya were laughing too much. I told them about prof Kulshrestha and I also told her that prof gives me a personal phone number and home address and praising my knowledge.

This tree reminds me of both of you Shreya and Ananya. trees are more important than human beings because they are a witness, this tree in Hudson lane saved all memories, my emotions and my time. Human life span is too short compared to this tree………thinking about 14 year back same day 5 March 2005. — at Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, New Delhi.


 I have so much memory about this day in my mind. How Ananya smiling again and again and how Shreya was making their face. Ananya was saying तूने मुझे तो बताया ही नहीं and I was saying मुझे खुद किसी और ने बताया था और पता हैं वो खुद ही नहीं आई|  Ananya asked कौन and I said guess कौन हो सकता हैं ? Ananya: कौन, श्रेया ?  and we all 3 start laughing too much. I feel that our laughing is saved in that place. With Ananya, I learnt, how we should laugh without any reason and without any cause. After the death of Ananya, I never went with Shreya at that place but alone I went many times. I always remembered here laughing in my ears. Her words about teaching mechanics and EMT to her. 

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Rahul Aggrawal

I am a teacher and a theoretical physicist. Physics gives me pleasure and teaching physics gives me stable happiness. For More info visit


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