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Don’t study mathematics learn Mathematics

How to learn Mathematics?

Don’t study mathematics learn Mathematics.

First of all Don’t study mathematics learn Mathematics and practice it. The important key of the mathematics is practice. Most students realize that mugging the formula is not efficient to solving the problem in the exam. Some students do this anyway, because so far they have gotten away with it. They don’t try to understand why particular formula is using in the problem. Even some student habit to cramming the result of problem without knowing how it can be solve and even getting good marks, if they are naturally a better student. But Now that you are in senior class, the courses will be more difficult and it is to your advantage to develop a more organized approach to handling the mathematics problem. Don’t study mathematics learn Mathematics by practice.

Don’t study mathematics learn Mathematics.

Successful mathematician generally have three things in common. They practice a lot, they always love to calculate something in mind, and they have a positive attitude. Mathematics is a course of practice, lots of example and solving the puzzle required. Actually it is a game of number and geometry.

If you missed the class no problem but preferable that Attend class and instead making notes try to understand the concept. But note down important key points and formula. Everything is not available on books or some times you have to lot of hard work to grasp small concept by yourself. Attend all of the classes. Someone is paying for these classes so BE THERE! Be on the alert for any indication by the instructor of possible test questions.

      Don’t study mathematics learn Mathematics.    

Many people believe the following: more study results in higher marks. This is not necessarily so. You certainly must be willing to make a certain commitment of time and energy to this course, but the key to academic success is concentrating your efforts on the right things at the right times. You may have noticed that those students who receive the highest marks are not necessarily the ones who work the greatest number of hours. Some students may boast that they have studied all night for an exam, but don’t be impressed by this habit. It is a very bad study habit. If you are not sleeping before an exam it is foolish thing and it usually takes several days to recover your health from this kind of activity. By taking advantage of the study techniques that follow you can achieve higher marks with less effort.

The most efficient way of learning Mathematics by attending lectures, problem solving sessions, and practice is to:

  1. Do a quick reading on the formulas and  topics to be covered in the lecture before attending class. Ten or fifteen minutes may be sufficient for a one hour lecture. The purpose here is to generally familiarize yourself with the topics to be discussed. Perhaps you can identify one or two questions or key points to listen for during the lecture.
  2. Attend class and note down formulas. Attend all of the classes. Your parents are paying for these classes so BE THERE! Be on the alert for any indication by the teacher of possible test questions. If the professor says something like “This is very important, or it is very fundamental,” make a special note of this in your notebook.    



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