You are currently viewing Assignment:  Kinetic Theory of Matter

Assignment:  Kinetic Theory of Matter

Assignment:  Kinetic Theory of Matter                                        I year-Physics Paper-II (Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics)

  • What is meant by degrees of freedom of a particle? State the law of equipartition of energy. Deduce the relation between the specific heat ratio and degrees of freedom for a perfect gas.
  • What is Brownian motion?
  • What is Stratosphere? Explain its importance.
  • Describe Andrew’s experiment on carbon dioxide. Compare its experimental curves with theoretical curves of Real gas equation.
  • What are critical constants? What is Boyle temperature? Establish relations between Boyle temperature and Real gas constants.
  • What is Joule-Thomson effect? Deduce an expression for the cooling in Real gas.
  • Prove that ratio of temperature of inversion and critical temperature is independent of the nature of the gas.
  • Discuss variation of temperature of the atmosphere with height from the earth.
  • State Dalton’s law of partial pressure.
  • What do you understand by the atomicity of a gas?                                                                                                                                                                Rahul Aggrawal

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